Mariana Bianchini is the lead singer of alternative rock band Panza. For the past 10 years, and staying under the radar, the band has had an impressive carreer, performing at numerous Buenos Aires venue. They have recorded 6 albums.

 Mariana was born in Villa del Parque, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She spent her childhood taking singing and dancing lessons and playing with her grandmother’s clothes, a combination that led to her tow passions: music and costume design.

When she was 16, she made her debut as a singer and designer with her first artistic enterprise: HIPNOTIKO, a punk band that performed during 3 years.

In 1999, PANZA was created. From the beginning, this musical project had great recognition and acceptance by the press and the auidence alike. Mariana is the lead singer and songwriter of the band.

In 2002, the band was chosen to be the opening act for the renowned rock band Living Colour, in Obras stadium. The same year, they opened for John Spencer Blues Explosion in Cemento and for Stephen Malkmus. These concerts had excellent reviews in the local and international press.

The band has recorded 5 albums: «Sonrisas de Plastilina» an EP, «El Marajá de San Telmo», «Infanticidio», «Nada es rosa», and acoustic «Pequeños Fracasos V2.0».

In 2009, Panza went into the studio to record its 6th album, «Panza, la madre de todos los picantes» , a triple album that will see the light at the end of 2010.

This foursome has become a classic in the indie rock scene of Buenos Aires. .

Her solo carreer begins with Post Incubadora, produced by Ultraopop, an intimate set of songs recorded and mixed in 40 hours. Bu is Mariana´s second solo album, in which she confirms the songwriting style she presented in her debut, but steps away from the power trio sound so representative of the band. Mariana exposes her usual songwriting resources: Modal melodies of extended development, unexpected harmonic twists and a detailed choice of unusual words, not common in ordinary songwriting. She is currently performing with her all-girl band “Orquesta de Senoritas” once a month in different venues in Buenos Aires.

As a teacher, Mariana shares her knowledge of singing and music through private lesson and at “Casamusica” institute, as well as in “Patronato Espanol” high school. Her artistic carreer includes a participation in the musical theater play “Fausto, la tragedia de Margarita” by Adrian Porcel Peralta. She was a member of several musical groups encompasisng a variety of musical styles, including soul and pop for social events, ethnic music, music for cinema, Jazz, jazz fusion, and others. She has also explored her other passion, costume design, in children’s plays and in Sergio Renan’s “El Sueno de lo Heroes”, and cretaed a clothing and merchandising brand called “Bailarina Anarquista”.

What the press has said about Panza and Mariana:

“[…] Panza is one of those bands (almost extinct) that are impossible to categorize. The list of influences is endless: Cream, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, […] Foo Fighters, among others. But Panza succeeds in sounding unmistakably like Panza. La madre de todos los picantes (The mother of all the hot and spicy) represents to a degree of perfection the creative exuberance of this foursome. Using tons of ideas, musicality, risk, some highs and lows (logical in such an exuberant piece), and some redundancy in the lyrics reminiscent of childhood imagery and self-celebration, La madre… proves that an album -in this case triple!- can still be a vital, deeply enriching vital adventure.”



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